Welcome Letter from the Secretary-General

Most Esteemed Participants,

It is my distinct pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the eighth annual session of Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi Model United Nations Conference, which will be taking place between 22nd and 25th of June, 2020.

While the year 2020 marks the 15th year of KALMUN Club since its foundation in 2005; the legacy of our founders remains strong today as KALMUN Secretariat continues to orchestrate one of the largest Model UN conferences in Turkey, hosting hundreds of participants each year. Embracing the vision of the United Nations and the principles of our leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the structure of the modern Turkish society, our mission has been to pass down the values to newer generations to come, while deepening their understanding of world affairs and developing their skills in debate, public speaking, and negotiation. As KALMUN 2020 Executive Board, we are wholeheartedly thrilled to continue this legacy as we embark on our journey to the eighth annual session.

Under the name of diversity, each individual has a code; combining each and every feature into a unique texture. Each code has its place in the color spectrum, that is what eventually develops into the shape of a society. While question marks and clashes occasionally arise from what individuals interpret from things in life based on our perspectives; the concept that KALMUN and the United Nations obtain is a platform where each difference is something that is worth exploring. Hence, what our ‘World of Colors’ asks from you is to bring those differences with you, for us to widen our color spectrum with all codes and textures comprised.

With obtaining the theme “Ensuring a stable and reliable process for Globalization 4.0: obviation of resulting detriment and prejudice while eliminating its deprecating socio-political conclusions”, we aim to expand our horizon on how the socio-political events throughout history influence each other and form the structure of today’s society in the globalizing world. While globalization can be portrayed as a key to universal liberalization, it is also a profound responsibility; as marginalization and discrimination mount up around the world contrastingly at the age of novelty and standardization. Therefore, all liabilities and repercussions shall be emitted among younger generations, and the future of the globe; while taking into account how one action leads to another, for a bigger, yet possibly devastating change to come.

This year, KALMUN offers 4 General Assembly Committees, 6 Special Committees as well as the International Court of Justice; all balancing timeless issues with newer problems in the world. Our utmost aspiration is to promote the sense of being a part of a global unity, and to offer all participants a thematic diversity of topics that reflect the diverse experiences that shape the political landscape of the world. 

While our four General Assembly Committees will be tackling universal problems that remain unsolved, the Special Committees will be debating upon challenging and diverse topics based on various concepts. This year’s Special Conference will tackle major issues regarding multiple segments of the process of globalization. Commonwealth of Nations will be gathering former British colonies as to address Sustainable Development Goals while strengthening democracy and economic cooperation. Security Council will discuss upon the unrests in Hong Kong as well as the sovereignty dispute over the Chagos Archipelago. By its unique structure, the Advisory Panel will be concentrated on the issues among the Mediterranean Basin, namely the migration crisis caused by extremism, and the conflict over the natural gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cambridge Trials will be arguing upon one of the biggest political cases in the history of the Internet, the case of Cambridge Analytica, while this year’s International Court of Justice will be discussing the case of Immunities and Criminal Proceedings (Equatorial Guinea v. France). Lastly, our Historical Committee will be simulating the Yugoslav Presidium of 1987, as to rewrite the fate of a country that is going through a severe outbreak. 

To conclude my letter, the Secretariat and I truly cannot wait to welcome you to KALMUN 2020. The spectrum of our World of Colors awaits you to reach to its boldest, and it would be a shade missing without you aside. We are looking forward to meeting you in June!

Utku Eren Eroğlu
Secretary-General of KALMUN 2020