Vatican Trials

From the beginning of 1990s, widespread sexual abuse scandals of the high-ranked officials affiliated with the Catholic Church have been shaking the entire Christian world. While the devastating number of scandals decreased the credibility of the Church in the public eye; Vatican, holy city of Christianity, mostly preferred to cover these accusations and took little to no action for the highly mediatic, yet disturbing issue. Subsequent to the UN demand for all the clergy suspected with sexual abuse to be removed and the rapidly growing reactions from the public, Pope Francis,  on 11 November 2014, has announced establishment of a specialized organ under the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, jurisdictional body of the Vatican, to investigate sexual abuse cases affecting significant figures of the current Catholic world with a specific emphasis on holding trials if necessary.

Obtaining canon law and the very document to define the ethical scope of Catholicism, the Doctrine of the Faith, as grounds to agree on certain decisions; certain bodies apply jurisdiction to substantial officers of the Catholic Church in the Vatican City, mostly being concluded with diocese verdicts.

With its completely distinct procedure from most jurisdictional organs, the committee of Vatican Trials will be simulating the trial of George Pell, one of the most controversial scandals in the Church’s history, under the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to decide his fate on Christendom and the Vatican.

Case: George Pell

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