Terms and Conditions

General Policy

KALMUN 2019 will not be admitting anyone without a badge in the campus or to any of the events as a security measure. If any attendant, including the Executive Board wishes to bring a visitor to the conference for a specific time of the day, they must ask the permission of the Secretariat beforehand. Granting such permission is within the discretion of the Secretariat.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited under any circumstance. If it is suspected and proven, the participant(s) will be given an official warning by the Secretariat without any toleration.

The dress code is casual-formal, meaning all delegates and Student Officers should follow the formal/business dress code as they will be representing diplomats. If a participant wishes to wear the traditional clothing of their country, they should ask the Secretariat for permission before the conference.

T-shirts and jeans are strictly prohibited. Colorful attire is acceptable, but only if it adheres to the stated dress code.

Any delegates not conforming to the code will be given a warning, followed by being excluded from the conference if repeated.

By applying, all participants accept the Terms and Conditions.


Once your application is evaluated and accepted by the Secretariat of KALMUN 2019, you will receive an official letter of acceptance and a mail including the payment details. The fees must be paid to the bank account that you will receive via email after you have been officially accepted.

An application does not ensure acceptance into the conference.

Before making payments, participants are expected to read the payment detail emails, as well as the following terms carefully.


The fees of schools must be paid in one total payment. Please keep in mind that the transfer fee is not included in the conference fee.

Do not forget to add the SCHOOL NAME/NUMBER OF DELEGATES/DELEGATION/KALMUN19 (KADIKOY ANADOLU/12/DELEGATION/KALMUN19). If you are paying individually, be sure to add the FULL NAME/INDIVIDUAL/KALMUN19 (JANSET NIL GENC/INDIVIDUAL/KALMUN19). You can check the payment mail we have sent for further explanation and account information.

If these are not added to the receipt, KALMUN will not be having the legal rights to possess the payment so the payment will be counted as a donation to the school.

KALMUN has no refund policy under any circumstance.

All fees must be paid within five business days for individual delegates and ten business days for schools after the acceptance mail has arrived. If this is not done so, the Secretariat has the right to drop the application.

You are required to complete the payment procedure within 5 business days or your application will be dropped. After completing the payment you must send your receipt to both finance@kalmun.org and secretariat@kalmun.org. Payments without receipts won’t be accepted.


At any point of the official conference events, the Secretariat has the right to request a participant’s official ID.


At least one advisor participation is mandatory for each school. All advisors that will be attending any day or event of KALMUN 2019 must have a valid payment and badge in order to enter the campus.


Committee/country allocations will be sent after the payment and receipt have been received by the Secretariat. It is within the Secretariat’s discretion to change/reject delegates for any reason at any time.

Position preferences do not ensure the accordance of the assignments. Allocations may not be in accordance with participants’ preferred positions. Therefore, in such circumstance, participants do not possess the right to appeal for a change in their assignments. Such appeals will not be accepted by the Secretariat.

School Registration

A delegation is consistent of 4 and multiples of 4 people, assigned to the General Assembly committees. Schools cannot demand to apply numbers that are not the multiples of 4.

International Court of Justice

Judges and advocates will be following the same procedures with the individual delegates whereas the Presidency (President, Vice-President and Registrar) will be considered as a part of the Student Officer Team. The robes that will be distributed during the conference shall not be taken at home, and they will remain as the property of KALMUN 2019.

Drugs and Alcohol

Use of drugs, alcohol, and any type of tobacco product within the conference will not be tolerated under any circumstances. By applying, all participants acknowledge that they will be excluded from the conference with their own expense immediately. KALMUN 2019 does not hold any responsibility of the participants who use drugs and alcohol.


Verbal and physical violence within the conference will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any damage to conference/public property will be paid by the person responsible.

Turkish Law

All participants must behave accordingly to the Turkish law, and by applying all participants acknowledge that they will be complying with the law.