International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Case: Nottebohm (Liechtenstein v. Guatemala)

Welcome Letter from the Coordinator of ICJ

Distinguished Participants of KALMUN 2019, 

Welcome to the 7th annual session of the Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi Model United Nations Conference 2019. 

It is an honour for me to serve as the coordinator of such a prospective and foremost committee in which the participants show considerable effort and their utmost self. 

The conference as a whole KALMUN’s predominant is to create and maintain an unprejudiced atmosphere where participants establish helpful and sincere yet formal relations while discussing the world issues.

The purpose and the reason why an International Court of Justice was designed and put into motion was the need of a safe and unbiased platform where nations could decide disputes of a justiciable notion. 

The function of the International Court of Justice is not primarily make but to declare and administer law in such disputes and controversies as the nations in question, in their enlightened state, bind themselves to submit to this agency of justice. 

 This year’s case is set to be the infamous “Nottebohm (Liechtenstein v. Guatemala)”. Fried Nottebohm acquired Liechtenstein citizenship shortly after the World War II began but continued living and working in Guatemala. 

After Guatemala decided to side with the Allies, the German citizens and people of German ancestry were arrested. Although Nottebohm had Liechtenstein citizenship, he was treated as if he were German and arrested. The dispute here is whether the Guatemalan government had the right to confiscate Nottebohm’s assets and arrest him.

This year, with its unique case and abidingly exceptional nature, KALMUN ICJ  will be one of a kind occurance with its diligent and enthusiastic participants.  

I impatiently look forward to being able to guide the participants of the ICJ at KALMUN 2019. 


Zeynep Balkan

Coordinator of KALMUN ICJ