GA-6: Legal Committee

The United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee (LEGAL) was established in accordance with the Article 13 of the Charter of the United Nations. As the primary forum for the consideration of legal questions, the committee aims to embolden sustainable development and the codification of the international law. The Legal Committee, having hosted many deliberations regarding several prominent conventions of the United Nations within its chambers, is authorized to assist the adoption of new treaties on numerous global challenges concerning violation of human rights, commerce and criminal justice. The committee holds a significant role in the United Nations because it performs studies on improving international cooperation in the political field and creates a platform for all Member States to attain the requirements of the international law.

Throughout the conference, the delegates of the Sixth Committee will be focusing on the issues regarding the misuse of diplomatic immunity by the UN officials and diplomats, modern slavery and the criminal misuse of the information technologies while working on the maintenance of the validity of the international legislation.