Advisory Panel

Advisory Panel is an organ consisting of experts gathered, usually to focus on questioning one region during the entire conference. Experts represent both countries and organizations that are relevant with the problems of the specific region. Advisory Panel’s mission is to provide strategic advice to the management of a corporation, organization, or foundation, meanwhile not being only in benefit of any country’s interests. The decisions of the Panel is non-binding for any nation nor organization, as the Panel is an advisory organ that does not have the authority to demand any action.

Advisory Panel experts debate ‘clause by clause’ in the committee, while all delegates in this committee have the same voting power. Consensus is required for a clause to pass in the Advisory Panel, which makes the committee at its hardest, strong cooperation skills and knowledge is highly required. KALMUN 2019 Advisory Panel will be focusing on the region of South America, on topics that causes a struggle in countries’ development and administration, such as narco-terrorism, drug trafficking, political corruption and bribery attempts occuring in Brazil.

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